Mooooving on up

Since there’s no place like home with NCR books, Jake DeRaadt came down from Lemoore with just enough cows to save the day for this year’s San Diego County Fair dairy exhibit.

“This is going back home for me,” said DeRaadt, 43. “June is fair month. I’ve been involved with this for 30 years. They got plenty of people milking in the valley at valley fairs. You’re preaching to the choir ‘cause many up there know the ag industry. Hardly anybody is left.”

The DeRaadt family were dairy mainstays for decades in Harmony Grove, between Escondido and San Marcos. Dairy production once was big business in North County with well over 100 dairies as late as the 1970s.

Changing times ended the local dairy industry. With urbanization and environmental challenges costing local dairies too much money and energy, DeRaadt joined the migration north to Lemoore.

A Day to Remember

It is hard to believe that one of the most important days of my life is finally here. All the stress that was involved in the planning has come to an end. Everything is set and nothing will go wrong. The weather is perfect for the seaside wedding and reception. There is no need to worry about the back-up plan today. The guests have arrived and my mother is finally smiling. The mild breeze has begun to turn into a gusty wind. The blue sky is now dark and a roar of thunder can be heard in the distance. Lighting is coloring the sky. I did not order wedding fireworks. Everyone is running for cover and mother is yelling at me that we should have gone with the back-up plan. My next big event I will check the weather not once but several times. What a day to remember.

My Ex Barely Recognized Me

After my divorce, I made several changes – I cut my hair, moved to a new city, and found a new job. I just wanted to forget the past and move on with my life. But one thing was holding me back – my weight. Vaser lipo changed all that. I was able to shed those unwanted pounds and buy some really cute clothes – clothes I had always wanted to wear, but was afraid to. Recently, I went back to my old neighborhood to visit some friends and literally bumped into my ex-husband at a coffee shop. He looked at me, smiled, and said ‘excuse me’. I was shocked that he didn’t recognize me. I thought about calling him out on it, but instead I just smiled and walked out. My confidence really flourished that day and I don’t think I can be any happier!

Anything Goes Touchy Feely

I received a coupon for my birthday last year from my brother, Thomas. The coupon was for a free massage, so how could I refuse? Life had been somewhat stressful for me since I lost my job at the factory down the street. A massage would be just what I needed to take my mind off the pressures of the week.

That weekend I drove downtown to the massage center and presented my coupon to one of the staff members who was working behind the counter. I realized at that point that I was to receive a thai massage Leeds. I had never heard of such a technique before. However, I would recommend one to anybody. After I left the massage center I felt such a sense of peace that I applied for a job that was listed in the classified section and now I’m gainfully employed!

My New Pathway

After buying her first home Elsa was absolutely delighted with all the renovations and decorating that had been done inside her new home. Walking outside she looked around and realized that her yard needed immediate attention. Picking out bushes, flowers and trees Elsa and her friends worked together all day to put everything in their special places. Her favorite trees were the blue spruce, and she loved all kinds of flowers from the wild flowers already there, to the bought flowers. Her favorite bushes were the ones that turned yellow or red in the autumn. She did not desire to mow grass, so decided to put pea gravel paths everywhere in her landscaping. It was easy to walk on and she could pick out a certain color that would go with all the flowers and bushes. The outside now looked as beautiful as the inside.

No Need to Hurry and Find a Bathroom!

Incontinence is a health issue for many. Not being able to control one’s urine can be embarrassing and inconvenient. I know this is true because one of my relatives suffer from incontinence. However, she found a way to deal with it by buying disposable incontinence pads and bed pads. Disposable and washable bed pads are particularly helpful by keeping one’s bed clean and dry. Such products have restored my aunt’s dignity and privacy.

No longer does my aunt or anyone have to put up with and suffer with this health condition. With a few helpful health items, she no longer has to worry about incontinence.

Now, she can go to the grocery, run other errands, go for doctor’s visits and other social events and not have to worry about finding a bathroom in a hurry!

Going to a wedding at a Scottish castle!

I’m so excited! My sister, who lives in Scotland, has invited me to be her guest at a wedding for a close family friend. Not only have I not seen my sister for years and am really looking forward to it, but the wedding is taking place at a real castle! Apparently, renting castles for weddings and receptions of different kinds is very popular in Europe, but I’ve never set foot inside one so this will be a new experience for me.

I’m having my sister help me decide which Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh will be most suitable and have the highest positive feedback rating. Fortunately, she’s on the up and up about the best resorts and hotels in the area and I am confident she’ll help me pick a good one. In three weeks I’ll be flying to Scotland, and I’m so looking forward to the trip!

Sheep Walk Right Through

After buying my farmhouse out in the beautiful green hills of Wales, United Kingdom I began to notice that I kept having fluffy white four-legged sheep enter into my garden. I did not have a stone fence up and did not want to put out that much money to have a stone fence put in. I was told by local people that by putting in instant hedging this would keep the sheep out of my garden.

Once the hedge had been put in I put a sign out telling everyone not to enter into my garden. My garden was my pride and joy and I did not want it to be trampled on. The next day I looked out the window and saw the sheep coming through the hedge. I guess they just did not read my do not enter sign.